Charities on course for support through CVA and Chester Race Company

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Chester RacecourseAt the beginning of 2016, Chester Race Company began a process to offer 1000+ hours work from their full time staff to local charities. 

stfam2Armed with skilled employees, fully motivated and ready to share their skills, the Race Company sought help to find charities that would benefit most.  Chester Voluntary Action (CVA) came to the rescue and a meeting was set up to map out a plan of action.

Jeannie Chantler from Chester Race Company says “the support from Chester Voluntary Action has been exemplary throughout the process and we couldn’t have done it without them. They contacted charities for us to find out who would like our assistance and arranged a ‘Meet the Charities’ day, followed by a series of meetings whereby each charity met their team of volunteers.  From there it was up to us – but CVA were always there to offer help and guidance should it be needed.

The events are now taking place and many staff have already contributed to their chosen charity and all the others have committed to time and effort for their charity.  The major benefit being that we are helping with specific events or particular skills that each individual charity needs, and providing those 1000+ hours to much needed areas.

It is hoped that many of our staff will continue to work with the charity they have chosen to assist for 2016 and continue to build relationships with individuals.  We are now looking to continue the process for 2017”.

Lstfam1atest News!

Eight Chester Race Company employees spent their volunteering day at local charity, Save the Family, working on their ‘Child’s Living Den’ project.  The Den will be an outdoor space that Save the Family residents, local schools and the wider community of all ages can explore, share and develop in a creative and inspiring way.

Jocelyn Horton, Volunteer Co-ordinator at Save the Family said “the amount of work that the volunteers did was amazing and it is really appreciated by everyone here”.




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