CVA and Chester in the 1970s

CVA went through a number of changes during this decade with a number of leadership changes resulting in Harold Tomlins ending the decade as the General Secretary. It was also during these years that CVA moved into where we are currently based in Folliott House.

In this decade CVA was involved in a number of projects to help people across the region with aiding the establishment of Chester Aid to the Homeless (CATH), and the establishment of women’s aid in the area.

The 70s was the decade of the space hopper and lava lamps, as well as great change in society.
Feminism was a huge topic in the 1970s. As late as 1971, women were banned from going into certain bars on their own, after midnight, on the grounds that the only women out on their own at that hour must be prostitutes. Yet only eight years after that rule was lifted, Margaret Thatcher was walking into Downing Street as Britain’s first woman Prime Minister. There could hardly be a better symbol of change.

The 1970s then saw arguably the most successful period in the local football club’s history, when Chester FC made it to the League Cup Semi Finals in 1977. The late 1970s saw the club have successful runs in the FA Cup, making the 5th Round on two occasions.

It was during the 1970s that bar codes were introduced for retail and industrial use in England.

A number of cultural changes included the death of Elvis in ’77 which had a profound shock around the world. Star Wars was also released this decade with the films still having a cultural impact today.

The 1970’s also saw the end of the Vietnam War which had been raging on since the previous decade, the effects of this war would stay with the American public up to the Gulf War in reducing militarisation of society and making America wary of entering into military conflicts