CVA Skillshare case study

NAVCA has published our analysis of Transforming Local Infrastructure. The analysis is based on information we got from the end of grant reports and the six TLI workshop, held in February and March this year.  Many thanks for attending one of these events, we gained some fantastic insights from these events. 

Overall the report says that TLI created significant lasting change. It has a strong focus on ideas and actions that, hopefully, you will be able to borrow or learn from. We hope that you agree that it highlights the many successes but does not shy away from looking at what learning can be gained from things that didn’t work so well.

The key findings from the report show many local infrastructure charities:

  • Are creating innovative solutions to support local charities and community groups.
  • Are at the heart of successful local giving schemes.
  • Are ideally placed to broker support from local businesses and maximising the impact local businesses can have.
  • Are exploring charging and demand led models but that this can only be part of the funding solution.
  • Are crucial to building public service delivery to ensure smaller charities can play a role.

Download the report from NAVCA’s website