CVA’s Work During the 20’s

At the start of the decade Chester Council of Social Welfare (CCoSW), as CVA was known then, began a scheme called the Federation of Boys and Girls clubs which were youth centres for the young of the city to gather and socialise.

Meanwhile CCoSW were receiving applications for relief arising from unemployment and they also began administering the Mayor’s Unemployment Fund from February 1921. Meanwhile in the rest of the country post-war unemployment reached a high of 2.5 million people.

CCoSW was also asked by BritishBritish Legion Parade men c03539 Legion to take over distribution of local relief after the formation of the British Legion group in 1921. At the time a lot of the work of CCoSW was surrounding the re-integration of servicemen back into society and this was also the focus of a lot of work nationwide.

The picture on the right being a parade of British Legion men and women, we also found an image of the WW1 memorial that was erected in the 1920’s showing the effect that it had on the population and the work that CVA did in the 20’s and continue to this day.

During this time CCoSW provided personal case work for various groups including the British

British Legion Parade women ch8395Legion, United Services Fund, British Red Cross, and various Regimental associations. They also took on the responsibility of finding homes for fatherless children of ex-servicemen.

During this decade the rest of the country and the rest of the world were going through some tumultuous events such as Britain gaining its first ever Labour Prime Minister, in Ramsay MacDonald. Meanwhile in the rest of the world Lenin had died and been succeeded by Josef Stalin. There were also advances in technology with the first demonstration of a television and the creation of the BBC.

There would also be the stock market crash of 1929, which would plunge the world into The Great Depression that would have far-reaching consequences in the following decade.WW1 memorial ch4940