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Disability Focus is the name for a brand new podcast which has been co-produced by Chester Voluntary Action, People’s Choice Group and the Learning Disability Service User Forum.

Some of you may not be aware of the service user forum that CVA facilitates in partnership with People’s Choice Group, this forum sits alongside our Learning Disability Forum. The main purpose of the service user led forum is to ensure that individuals have a platform from which their voices can be heard.

The idea for Disability Focus was developed through the service user forum as members wanted to stop talking about the challenges they face and do something about it instead. As there was a recurring theme discussed at the forum, the Stay Up Late Campaign, it was an easy decision to make this the focus of the first podcast. 

The stay up late campaign can be summed up by thinking of your average weekend; maybe it involves a trip to the cinema, watching a band or having a few drinks down your local. However imagine having to leave 10 minutes before the end of the film, not getting to hear the encore of your favourite band or leaving a full glass of beer at the bar! This is a reality for many people with a learning disability and or Autism and a culture that the Stay Up Late Campaign is working towards changing. 

With the help of the founder of the Stay Up Late Campaign, Paul Richards, Chester Talking Newspaper and most importantly the service user forum the first episode of Disability Focus was produced. The podcast is a fantastic medium in which to share strong messages and has created a number of volunteering opportunities for some of the service user forum members. We’d love to hear your thought so why not have a listen below

However brace yourselves for the talented musicians Heavy Load who are loud!


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