Homelessness Strategy – Cheshire West & Chester

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A new draft Homelessness Strategy for Cheshire West and Chester has been published for public consultation. The Homelessness Strategy 2015-2020 has been produced by the Housing Strategy and Policy team following a review of homelessness in the borough.

The Homelessness Review 2014 is an evidence base of information on current and likely future levels of homelessness, the services available to the homeless, and the resources available to tackle homelessness. Key partners, staff, customers and other stakeholders were consulted during the review process. The review highlighted a number of issues that need to be addressed within the strategy and from these four key priorities have been identified for tackling homelessness over the next five years.

Priorities for the Homelessness Strategy:
1. Reduce levels of homelessness and prioritise the prevention of homelessness
2. Reduce the use of bed and breakfast and temporary accommodation
3. Improve access to accommodation and support
4. Ensure satisfactory resources are available for tackling homelessness
The Homelessness Strategy Action Plan sets out how the council will deliver these priorities. It identifies clear tasks and targets and will be monitored and reviewed annually to ensure it is meeting the strategic priorities as well as being responsive to emerging needs.

Consultation on the draft Homelessness Strategy will be open until Friday 19 December 2014. The consultation aims to capture the views of as wide a range of people as possible, from all tenures and backgrounds, including those living and working in the borough and those involved in the local housing sector.
Copies of the strategy will be in available in libraries, partner offices and main council buildings. The feedback received will help develop the final version of the Homelessness Strategy, which will go to Executive Committee for approval in February 2015, and be launched in April 2015.
By adopting the Homelessness Strategy the council is making a commitment to tackling and preventing homelessness.

Link to the review here

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