New Leaf Partnership Funding Opportunities 2018 -2019

New Leaf Procurement – briefing January 2018

1The Building Better Opportunities Fund (BBO) is a key part of the Local Enterprise Partnership’s (LEP) European Funding Programme and is being match funded by the BIG Lottery. An allocation of £10.6 million has been committed to the programme in Cheshire and Warrington under the heading of: “Multiple and complex needs”. This is aligned with Thematic 09 of the LEP’s European Social Investment Fund (ESIF) Strategy: “supporting those in greatest need and ensuring that all residents of Cheshire and Warrington can benefit from economic growth and prosperity”.

New Leaf is a ‘learning project and partnership’ which is both proactive in driving continuous improvement in project delivery and reactive to addressing future emerging needs. New services, goods or works must be procured competitively and in accordance with Procurement Law – ESIF Compliance Guidance Note

BBO is full cost recovery and requires no match funding.

Community / Action learning Projects

We are looking for organisations with experience of reaching out and supporting eligible individuals with multiple barriers to employment in deprived communities of Cheshire and Warrington that are not currently benefitting from the New Leaf Programme.

Projects can be geographical or demographical and must be based on actual need.

Projects can provide combinations of mentoring and / or specialist support as required to remove barriers facing the particular target group of participants.

Projects should be innovative in reaching those hardest to engage; developing resilience; motivation; improve health and wellbeing; and remove barriers for participants to move into positive destinations.

See BBO Guidance

Section 5 for Targets and project outcomes

Section 6 for participant eligibility

Section 8 for the details of eligible costs

Projects will run between April 2018 and September 2019, and required to achieve positive outcomes for participants in line with BBO guidance.

Projects can include more than one organisation but no subcontracting arrangements are eligible and each organisation would need to become a New Leaf Partner

We envisage project value to be between £50,000 and £500,000 for the length of the programme. Projects must be value for money with tangible results achieved.

PQQ and a matrix framework to submit proposals will be available February 2018, information will be advertised on the Delta portal.

If organisations have any questions / discuss need / want to express an interest in receiving information before the invitation to tender are released please e mail