The 1990s

It was in 1991 that CCVS (Chester Council for Voluntary Service) began managing Chester Women’s Safe Transport.

It was between 1993 and 1994 that Sitter Service renamed and became the Good Companion.

1995 was the year that Hospital Visiting Car Scheme was inaugurated and CCVS founded member of Cheshire Racial Equality Council.

In 1996 CVS made successful bid for Volunteer Support for Family Centres, it was a 3 year project, and the project began work in June 1997.  Good Companions service was transferred to Age Concern in 2007 and in 1997-8 Make a Difference project was successfully launched.

In 1998 Support Worker for Volunteers with Extra Support Needs project was inaugurated and was later renamed Pathways Project.

Interestingly our two student placements were both born in the 90’s with Leanne having been born in 1992 and Connor being born in 1994.

The 1990’s saw a huge change in global politics with the collapse of the Soviet Union resulting in a uni-polar world with America being left the dominant power in the world. This teemed with the power displayed in the Gulf War left America streaks ahead of the other countries.