Volunteering over the Christmas Period


With the festive season fast approaching we are starting to get enquiries from people looking to undertake some volunteering on or around Christmas Day.

As we get a number of such requests we will post any opportunities that we aware of both here and on our Facebook page and Twitter feed

Many projects that do operate on December 25th tend to rely on their regular volunteers so they won’t have to carry out background checks and provide training. Most organisations simply do not have the time or resources to do this and are therefore reluctant to take on new volunteers for just a couple of days. Therefore why not start your volunteering earlier in the year and prepare yourself for next Christmas, there are so many meaningful things you can do every day of the year!

If you are unable to find a formal volunteering role for the Christmas period you could take on the informal role of being a good neighbour by carrying out simple things such as; plating up an extra meal, dropping off a small gift, share a cup of tea and a chat, or if you want to take it further offer to help with some basic tasks such as shopping or putting out their bins.

You may also wish to check out what is going on in your immediate community, local faith groups and community centres may open their doors over the Christmas period and may welcome an extra pair of hands.

If you would like to get involved in longer term volunteering please have a look at our website and register your details.