Corporate Social Responsibility

JTIfotoIf you want to improve your business’s image in the local community, then getting involved with SkillShare could be the answer. SkillShare supports the infrastructure of voluntary and community organisations by matching them with businesses that have the expertise and skills needed. If your business has expertise in accounting, law, marketing, website design or in other areas, you could use those skills to support a voluntary or community organisation in need of assistance. Going beyond the interests of your business to deliver a positive social act is a great way to demonstrate a genuine commitment to your local community. Corporate Social Responsibility can increase the satisfaction of your customers and stakeholders as it sends positive signals about the characteristics of your business to the local community. This can increase the overall reputation of your business and could help to generate new customers. Participating in SkillShare is also a great opportunity to motivate your employees and gives them the chance to learn new skills by helping develop the infrastructure of a community organisation.

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esv3Other business benefits of participating in SkillShare include:

– Generating positive publicity through a raised profile in your community.
– Gaining new contacts from outside your business.
– A simple way to contribute to some truly inspirational charities.
– A brokered process that matches your personal and corporate aims.
– Providing a motivational and fulfilling environment for your staff.
– Tangible results based on the skills your business has provided.