IT Advice for Charities – Websites Made Easy

Craig Steeland, who works locally as a social care IT consultant, describes an easy way for a charities without IT expertise to create a website.

Question: We need a website for our charity but no one in our organisation has any experience of building websites.  None of us has great IT skills and it all seems very confusing and possibly expensive.  Is there an easy and cheap way to build a website for non-techies?

Answer:  A website builder called Weebly is widely regarded as the easier system for developing a website from scratch.  It is so easy to use that there is virtually no learning curve.  It makes creating a site quick and enjoyable, even if you’re a complete IT novice.  Weebly has a wide range of pre-designed layouts to get you started.  All of these themes are ‘mobile responsive’, meaning that they look great on phones and tablets.  You build your website by simply ‘dragging and dropping’ elements like text boxes and images into position on the template until you are happy with the results.

While Weebly has a free version, this is unlikely to meet the needs of charities, as your website URL will have ‘weebly’ in the name and a Weebly ad will be displayed on the site. Therefore, your charity will want to have its own domain name, such as ‘’.  You can arrange to buy a suitable domain name from Weebly, and this domain name can then be linked to a paid Weebly account.  Weebly then handles the domain name registration, web hosting, backups and upgrades for you, all for one price.  Charities can expect to pay £7 per month for a Weebly Pro account featuring these services, plus an extra £13 to £15 per year for domain name registration.

Given Weebly’s 30 day money-back guarantee, you can find out for yourself that building and updating a Weebly site is no more difficult than creating a Word document with pictures and multiple pages.  Weebly is arguably the easiest way for a charity without IT expertise to get an online presence without the need to pay for the services of a website design company.

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