SkillShare match helped local charity keep $10,000 Google AdWords Grant


As you may already know, Google supports charities with AdWords grants up to $10,000.  This helps them with their online advertising.  You can find out more information to see if you eligible here

Through SkillShare, Agency97 were matched  with a local charity to help with their AdWords account. Their account had been suspended by Google for not complying with the terms of the grant, that Google define as ‘managing and maintaining your account.’

As a result of this match, Saul from Agency97 has come up with a few suggestions to make sure this doesn’t happen to you:

‘To clarify the criteria for keeping your supported account active, we contacted our partners at Google for more information. The main requirements are as follows:

  • Keep your quality score to an acceptable level (Any key terms delivering a quality score below 3 need to be assessed)
  • Keep your click through rate above 5%
  • Have 2 adverts per ad group

If any of the above requirements seem complicated to manage on a day-to-day basis, fear not. We’ve provided a few handy tips to help you stay ahead of the game.


Firstly, ensure the ownership of the account is futureproof. This means having multiple people within your organisation that have the ability to manage your account or you have transition plans in place should the person in charge of it leave. This can happen in any organisation but it’s mission critical that you have a plan in place if PPC is a key driver for your charity.

Now more onto the finer details of AdWords…

Quality Score

Keywords with low quality score can affect your account’s performance. Here are the elements that quality score takes into account:

  • Past click-through rate (CTR) of a keyword
  • Past CTR of a display URL
  • Account history (overall CTR for ads and keywords)
  • Landing page quality
  • Relevance of keywords to ads
  • Relevance of keywords to search queries
  • Geographic performance
  • Performance of an ad on a particular website (this only applies to the Display Network)
  • Performance of an ad based on targeted device

A basic view of keeping these things in check might be to view it as:

If someone searches a keyword I am bidding on would the below elements be as relevant as possible to the search and the user:

  • Your advert (inclusive of extensions and display URL)
  • Your landing page/website – is it relevant to both the keyword and advert?

Google will ask you to remove any key terms with low quality score on a cancelled account so ensure that this is kept an eye on.

Click Through Rate

Google’s ad grant rules require you to try and keep click through rate above 5%. Click through rate has a big impact on quality score – so make sure your adverts are compelling and take up as much space/attention as possible whilst maintaining relevance. Here is a good example by action aid:

ActionAid have used several extensions from AdWords to provide more information.  Any extensions you use should be decided by the key overarching idea of ‘what information can you provide users that will encourage them to take the next step and go through to your website’

Low Search Volumes

Google will also ask you to remove key terms with low search volumes (if your account is cancelled). So, ensure that you have researched your market and know what people are searching for.

Two Adverts per Ad Group

Another prerequisite of keeping your ad grant live is to have two adverts running for ad group. This enables you to see which ads are working best via are they getting clicks? Are they providing conversions? We suggest this is something that can be continually tested but for your grant just make sure you have a minimum of two live.

Next a few extra pointers?

Be granular with your accounts

The better the grouping on keywords to an ad group, the better the performance and more tailored you can make your ads.

Please don’t use broad match

Broad match is what happens when you just type in a keyword to your campaign without any directives. So, if you were bidding on ‘equal rights’ you may get your adverts appearing for all sorts of searches that contain the word ‘equal’.

It’s much better to use broad modifier which contain all of your keywords/close matches in any order

As an agency on basic accounts we usually combine broad modifier with exact match which should capture the majority of traffic that you are targeting effectively.

Remember to use negative keywords

You can exclude keywords out of your campaign so that you never appear for searches that contain those terms. This is a great way to keep on top of your account and stay relevant.

PPC is such a large area for the purposes of this post we will have to leave it there. But we are keen that you use this information to keep on top of your accounts and keep your AdWords grant active.

If you need any help with these please contact us on 01244 956950 or e-mail