VCCSCamp – digital focus



The seventh VCSSCamp took place in Birmingham Innovation Campus last week with a host of digital leaders from the sector sharing views, ideas, tips and tricks on all things digital.  We didn’t know in advance we were ‘digital leaders’ but host Pauline Roche, from RnR Organisation told us we were simply by being there and wanting to make a difference in this area.

The unconference format is still popular, meaning the agenda is actually set on the day by attendees.  Essentially you get to do a 30-second post-it pitch where you explain your idea, hope somebody is interested and then it gets stuck on the giant agenda board.  With twenty sessions agreed over the day there is a good chance you’ll miss out on something important but you are free to wander around adding input and taking away ideas from a range of areas.

GDPR was mentioned a lot, a hot topic that needs constant fresh discussion however sick we may be of hearing about it.  There were focuses on challenges in engaging with rural groups, BME groups, and younger volunteers as well as how to deal with negative feedback or even trolls on social media.  My pitched session asked if Facebook is dead (answer – it isn’t quite) and the prevailing theme of the day was to emphasise the lack of skills in the sector and how we (as infrastructure groups) can act as leaders inspiring our members or local community to either be ahead of the game or simply just keep up.



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