What the # is #cvacharityhour?

#cvacharityhour (5)

Hashtag hours are nothing new.  For several years they have been used to promote a whole host of things, acting essentially as a 60-minute online networking session.

Traditionally hashtag hours are used geographically (the popular #chesterhour is one example) and by businesses.  However, the nature of hashtag hours has evolved and several newer hashtag hours have emerged focusing in areas such as music, theatre, and there is even a #chickenhour!

At Chester Voluntary Action, we know that our member groups want to become more engaged online via social networks.  Before Christmas we tried out a #cvacharityhour to allow groups the chance to share news with our followers and beyond.  Now we have chosen a set time to suit our members and #cvacharityhour will take place on Thursdays, 12 – 1pm

The general purpose is you add the relevant hashtag to your Tweets and it is shared across a network of other groups who are also using this hashtag.  Here’s an example


Above, Clatterbridge used the hashtag at the end of a tweet which looked to recruit volunteers.  At the bottom of this you can see that this was retweeted 11 times.

You can use the hashtag to promote your general work, forthcoming events or even start a conversation.  It’s all about sharing, raising awareness and making connections so get involved…

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